Sitter nu i skolan ska hitta bakelser och ta ut recept, men nu ska vi sluta typ haha, så jaa skriver senare ska träffa nico efter skolan och åka hem till hans moster och lämna min present som jag köpte, btw jag och nico är bara vänner nu no förhållande!
Baby cause I don't
Need anything else but your love
Nothing but you means a thing to me
I'm incomplete

When you're not there
Holding me, touching me, I swear
All of the rest could just disappear
And I wouldn't even care
As long as you're there

Take these words
Don't let them go unheard
This is me reaching out
I hope you can hear it now

Cause baby my heart's at stake
Take it
It's yours to break

I'd rather try and lose
Than keep this love from you


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